Membership benefits

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ICCL Membership

ICCL membership is open to Indian, Lithuanian and other international companies from different sectors. ICCL aid and abet your business by introducing and administering a platform for its growth and development in our business network. The approval of the membership is at the discretion of the board of members of ICCL.

Once you are a member of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, we will work on:

  • Connecting

Besides our most valuable service – direct referrals and introductions – Chamber affiliation also provide you superb networking opportunities by connecting you to valuable clients and partnerships through our events and various services. We make it our mission to amplify your success and connections by providing the best marketing and networking avenues around.

  • Highlighting

Newsletters and other publications can highlight your business and increase the visibility of your product or service. The Chamber is also a great source of information for visitors and local residents, and consistently refer potential customers to their members. What’s more, by introducing new people in a variety of industries, chamber events also allow you to market your business to other members, whom you might otherwise never have met.

  • Supporting

Chambers often get involved in local government and can help give your business a stronger voice on issues that affect you, your employees, and your customers. By working together to reach common goals the Chamber members also help improve the local business community as a whole.

Types of membership offered by ICCL:

  • VIP Membership
  • Regular Membership for Lithuanian Companies
  • Regular Membership for Foreign Companies
Privileges  VIP Regular 
Lithuanian Companies Foreign Companies
Cost 600€ / Annum 199€ / Annum 199€ / Annum
Providing Statistics      
Information about Lithuania / India      
B2B Meetings  
Support for applying Visa  
Investment Opportunity      
Trading Opportunity  
Business Partner Search  
Assistance with government relations  
Networking – invitations to ICCL business and Social events      
Logo on ICCL website and Members website link in ICCL website      
Logo on ICCL Events Poster, banner and invitation