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Membership benefits

Membership benefits2020-02-05T15:41:22+02:00

ICCL Membership

ICCL membership is open to Indian, Lithuanian and other international companies from different sectors. ICCL aid and abet your business by introducing and administering a platform for its growth and development in our business network. The approval of the membership is at the discretion of the board of members of ICCL.

Once you are a member of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, we will work on:

Types of membership offered by ICCL:

  • VIP Membership
  • Regular Membership for Lithuanian Companies
  • Regular Membership for Foreign Companies
Privileges  VIP Regular 
Lithuanian Companies Foreign Companies
Cost 600€ / Annum 199€ / Annum 199€ / Annum
Providing Statistics      
Information about Lithuania / India      
B2B Meetings  
Support for applying Visa  
Investment Opportunity      
Trading Opportunity  
Business Partner Search  
Assistance with government relations  
Networking – invitations to ICCL business and Social events      
Logo on ICCL website and Members website link in ICCL website      
Logo on ICCL Events Poster, banner and invitation