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Discover Vilnius, Capital of Lithuania, EU

Discover Vilnius, Capital of Lithuania, EU

A new idea of commercial was released last week.
“Vilnius: Amazing wherever you think it is”

The idea behind the campaign is to promote and attract tourism to the city👫 The new campaign shows the extraordinary culture, history, nature, food, and lifestyle of the city.

You may be wondering what makes Vilnius so amazing? Here it is:

The city is covered in a forest🏡 Thanks to the parks, tree-lined streets, and actual forests surrounding it. It’s a walkable city🚶‍♂‍🚶‍♀‍ Locals and tourists usually reach all their central destinations on foot. Those who like to fly🤩, won’t be disappointed either – in Vilnius, you can fly over the city center in a hot air balloon, admiring its scenic medieval streets, churches, and open squares.

The previous campaign was a huge success and also named as the best ad campaign at the International Travel & Tourism Awards🏆 by the World Travel Market in London. It also helped in attracting more tourists to the city.
The campaign resulted in increase in tourists to the country. According to the Lithuanian Department of Statistics,

1050858 guests stayed in Vilnius accommodation establishments in 2019 which is a 13.7% increase compared to 2018. 1887822 nights spent in 2019 which is a 12.2% increase compared to 2018. A total of 81.4% of all guests were foreigners which is an increase of 12.9% compared to 2018.

The Vilnius municipality is making all the efforts into establishing Vilnius as one of the strong and attractive European Capital. May it be business or leisure, Lithuania succeeds in all.

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Source: Go Vilnius

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