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Financial Incentives for Foreign Investors

Financial Incentives for Foreign Investors

EU Grant for Foreign Investors

Investments into R&D activities or infrastructure


Smart FDI is a European grant for the development of new or significantly improved products, services or processes with the main aim of strengthening research and innovation partnerships, boosting business-science co-operation and attracting innovative Foreign Direct Investment. The grant covers expenses for industrial research and experimental development and research infrastructure. The extent of grants depends on a company’s size, and ranges from 25-45% for experimental development, to 50-70% for industrial research

Different Levels of Reimbursement:




    1. Innovation:
      • Development of new or significantly improved products, services or processes
      • Falls under one of Lithuania’s economic priority sectors and services.
      • Has not conducted any R&D activities in Lithuania before.
    1. Proof of Funds:
      • Proof of sufficient funds to carry out the project (positive working capital, or commitment either from investors, or a bank to fund the project).
      • Applicant (including group of companies) is not undertaking in difficulty.
    1. Proof of Annual Income:
      • Annual income (including group of companies) is not less than the amount of grant requested.


      • If the amount of funding requested exceeds € 1,000,000, the annual income (including group of companies) is not less than € 1,000,000.
    1. Creation of New Jobs:
      • At least 20% of new jobs (but not less than 3) are R&D oriented and will be maintained for no less than 5 years from the first day of employment.


    1. Energy and sustainable environment
      • Smart energy generators, networks, and systems for energy efficiency.
      • Energy and fuel production using biomass and waste, waste processing, storage, and disposal.
      • Technologies for smart energy-efficient buildings – digital construction.
      • Solar-powered equipment to produce electricity, heat, and cooling.
    1. Transport, logistics and ICT
      • Smart Transport systems and information and communication technologies
      • Electronic content, technologies
      • Information and communication technologies infrastructure, cloud computing solutions and services
    1. Health and biotechnologies
      • Molecular technologies for medicine and bio-pharmacy.
      • Applied technologies for personal and public health.
      • Medical engineering for early diagnostics and treatment.
    1. New production processes, materials, and technologies
      • Photon and laser technologies.
      • Functional materials and coating.
      • Structural and composite materials.
      • Flexible product development and manufacturing systems.
    1. Innovations in agriculture and food technologies
      • Sustainable Agro-biological resources and safer food.
      • Functional food.
      • Innovative creation, development, and reprocessing (bio-refining) of biomaterials.
    1. Energy and sustainable environment
      • Modern educational technologies and processes.
      • The creation and implementation of rush innovation technologies and processes.



Funding for employees’ training and qualification


HR Training is a European grant that supports employee training and qualification, including job training at the workplace. The extent of this grant depends on a company’s size and ranges between 50% and 70%.

Foreign companies can apply for funding as long as they have or are planning to have a base in Lithuania.