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Lithuania looks to sell water and food technology to India

Lithuania looks to sell water and food technology to India

Lithuania aims to attract investments from India and also offers immense opportunities for Lithuania’s exporters, especially in food technologies and industries.

Ms. Alina K Adomaityte, the President of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, said in an interview with that the “Scandinavian and US markets are saturated, and India could be a possible solution for Lithuanian exporters.” According to her, there are already a few Lithuanian companies working with India.

Ms. Adomaityte believes that there is an immense opportunity for Lithuanian companies, especially from the food industry to export to India. Lithuanian Mineral water manufacturers are already trading in India, Lithuania beer is also being sold in India.

She believes India is one of the biggest markets in the world and she is constantly interacting and encouraging Lithuanian companies to consider the Indian market as the country offers huge opportunities.

India might see Lithuania as a minor country, so Ms. Adomaityte represents Lithuania together with the Baltic states so that all these countries belong to the European Union and the size of the country becomes irrelevant.

According to a report from NITI Aayog, a government-run think tank, India is suffering from water shortage and intensifying climate change effects. By 2020, 21 major cities in the country are expected to run out of groundwater.

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