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Lithuania. The promising land for the investors from India

Lithuania. The promising land for the investors from India

Disputably known to be the geographical center of Europe, Lithuania has done so well for itself that it is rightly called as the startup capital of Europe. Ever since joining the European Union in 2004 the growth in this Baltic state is unprecedented with a 25% average export growth since 2009. One can state with confidence that Lithuania is the hidden gem of Europe, with the euro being accepted later as the official currency the cost of living/business is very minimal compared to the other European states.

Lithuania is the largest of the Baltic States and boasts 100% internet coverage for all the people living in its borders with one of the fastest speeds in the world. From being part of the infamous Soviet Union to a member state of the European Union, Lithuania has come a long way. Lithuanian is one of the oldest spoken languages in the world today, as a matter of fact, it is said to have derived its roots from Sanskrit. Probably that is why is called an Indo-European language.

A country being so small with a fracture of the population compared to India might not sound very attractive to invest in, but one won’t be wrong in saying Lithuania punches well above its weight in this category. To be specific it’s the laser technology that puts Lithuania on the world map, it produces one of the best technology and professionals in the world!

Lithuania also has a well-developed infrastructure. A connection to rest of Europe, the Scandinavian countries and as well to the eastern European countries like Russia and Ukraine making it a strategically located to serve any market with considerable ease covering over 700 million consumers! Some noteworthy connectivity in Lithuania is that it has the northernmost ice-free port in Klaipeda and is extensively connected by railways and roads, so much that there is a train service all the way to China.

Lithuania hosts 6 free economic zones that serve as the perfect medium to ramp up your business and boost productivity growth. There are many great initiatives put forward by the Lithuanian government one of which is called Smart FDI, where a company can avail up to 70% of the investment on Research and development reimbursed.

One of the biggest advantages that Lithuania has to offer is its workforce, these days it is quite hard to come across employees packing so much skill and motivation in their respective fields in addition to which there is an array of incentives and tax benefits by investing in Lithuania.

All this has facilitated the country’s GDP growth which increased by a staggering 38% during the period 2004-2014, one of the biggest leaps in the European Union. All of this solidifies the fact that Lithuania is ranked number 16th in the ease of doing business index. To protect minority investors Lithuania increased its corporate transparency.

To help you get a soft landing of your business, we at Innoera Global (IG) strive to offer you the best possible service to have a very smooth transition from investing to establishing your company right here In Lithuania. We have a team of dedicated professionals led by one of the most capable and aspiring CEO Ms. Alina Adomaityte.

From European Union funding to the smallest of details in project management we assure you the best possible service money could ever buy.  IG has the expertise in all the major industries in Lithuania and we have facilitated many well-established companies to set up business in Lithuania.

Lithuania is open to India. Many questions can be answered by the Indian chamber of commerce in Lithuania (ICCL) which helps numerous Indian businessman/women to mediate with their Lithuanian counterparts and also within themselves, in short networking done right. Regular events are arranged for the members with the possibilities to meet other business dignitaries and noteworthy personalities. To know more on the ICCL, the services provided and reasonable membership fees please visit

With all this said, one might still have reservations in their mind to ask themselves “why Lithuania?” The answer is simple – Lithuania now being the member state of the European Union is the best place that could guarantee your investment is safe in a budding economy which steadily moves forward.

Lithuania will be the gateway for your business and investment into Western Europe and more!

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