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Success story of Lithuanian Products export to India

Success story of Lithuanian Products export to India

The best way to grow a business is through trade. The business relationship between India and Lithuania has seen steady growth in the past few years. Development of trade between the countries signifies a great improvement in their relationship. All the enterprises play a small role in building this relationship, no matter the size of the enterprise, small-scale or large-scale.

Here we have interviewed one of such people who has played an important role in building trade relationship with India.

Mr. Roberto D’Innocenzo, CEO of UAB VSF International Consulting & Trading has shared his business journey with the ICCL.

  • What is the Product you sell to India?

We are a consolidator (broker) and we do sell Italian and European wines as well Italian and Lithuanian beer to India and India subcontinent (e.g. Bangladesh, soon – Nepal).

  • How did you begin? From idea to the sales?

I started the business in 2002 in Germany as a wholesaler. Later we expanded – to Eastern Europe and Western Europe in 2004, then to UAE and Middle East (including Oman) on 2006. We moved to Lithuania in 2009. The decision to move to Lithuania was made having in mind an attractive profit tax system.

  • What do you think should be improved?

You need to have good products and good price, export market needs to be supported clearly with Marketing Budget and appealing price, in order to make the prime quality widespread. Price cannot be the prime price as some producers thought in Lithuania if you are well known in your small domestic market does not mean that you are big in the rest of the world.

  • Were there any difficulties? If yes, what kind?

Most of the difficulties are to change the mentality of Lithuanian Producers and Managers and as well as the way to administrate European funds.

  • How do you think if you were the member of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania would there be less difficulties in business development in India?

In our case will be helpful if we can access to some funds, which will make Lithuanian products more appealing and we will be able to find investors in LT and importers in India showing 13 years’ experience on the field. If there are investments in the big Indian market, there is a chance to enter.

Dear Readers, one of the best ways to motivate people is by setting a good example of ourselves. Sharing the stories of successful persons will motivate people to achieve more. The ICCL team will keep sharing the journey of people who have successfully established their business in India and Lithuania. We kindly invite all the business people who want to share their business journey in India to contact us so that you could be an inspiration to others.

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