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The ICCL becomes strong with MR. Sudhakar Tomar in its team.

The ICCL becomes strong with MR. Sudhakar Tomar in its team.


Indian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania (ICCL) is pleased to announce that Mr. Sudhakar Tomar has joined the chamber as Board Member. Mr. Tomar is popularly known as “The Green Man” for positively supporting agri-business sectors in the Middle East, India and Africa over 25 years. Mr. Sudhakar is an Indian Entrepreneur & Philanthropist based in UAE. Currently he is the Managing Director of Hakan Agro DMCC an agricultural & food system supply chain multinational based in Dubai (UAE) exporting over 3.5 Million MTs of Agri Commodities valued at about $ 1.5 Billion from 55 countries to customers in over 100 countries.

Mr. Sudhakar Tomar also serves as the Board Member of Dubai Food Trade Advisory Group of DMCC (Government of Dubai), the CXO Alliance, Non Profit Krishna Foundation and as  Honorary Chairperson (Communications & Sponsorship) of the Global Pulse Confederation which represents over 800 million farmers producing 70 million tons of  pulse production, valued at US $100 billion.

In 2015, he was invited to meet with India’s Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi where he presented a white paper outlining his vision for tackling the issues of food security and malnutrition. A year later he held bilateral talks with the former Lithuania’s Honorable Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius along with the delegation of Lithuanian Government officials and leading Lithuanian corporates where he briefed the former Honorable Prime Minister on Hakan Agro group’s global operations and discussed areas of mutual interest, investments, CSR initiatives in improving Food Systems Efficiencies and reducing Global Malnutrition.

During his visit to Lithuania, Mr. Tomar also met Ms. Alina Adomaityte, President of Indian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania (ICCL), founder and CEO of Innoera group (a leading Business Consulting Group in Lithuania). After a brief discussion with Ms. Alina, Mr. Tomar was invited to become the Board member of ICCL, which he gracefully accepted by looking at the potential of Lithuania.

Ms. Alina is playing crucial role over past years as a bridge of attraction for global businesses and investors to Lithuania. Ms. Alina supports various government platforms, she is a Board member of the Lithuania Business Confederation (Agriculture), an advisor to Parliament on promoting bilateral economic interest between Middle East and Lithuania, Member of European Funding Committee (agriculture sector), Member in Ministry of Agriculture for developing funding sources for European Union Grant.

Mr. Tomar was amazed by the growth rate of Lithuania in the recent years. The effort put forth by the Government and the corporates of Lithuania to create an investor friendly environment and the benefits the country offers for foreign investors were few of the astonishing factors which attracted Mr. Tomar.

Mr. Sudhakar Tomar’s purpose of visit to Lithuania and joining the ICCL was to build a foundation for a progressive and sustainable growth of Lithuanian economy.

As we all know Lithuania is a beautiful and one of the most feasible country for any business to enter the EU. Lithuania is one of the most welcoming country to all foreign investors.