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ICCL with New Indian Ambassador to Poland and Lithuania

ICCL with New Indian Ambassador to Poland and Lithuania

Lately with all the trade barriers and tariff scares we should have come to understand the importance of Globalization. Globalization implies integration of countries through increased trade, investment, short-term capital flows and international migration of skilled and unskilled labor. What better can sound globalization than H.E. Mr. Tsewang Namgyal, Hon’ ambassador of India to Poland & Lithuania having a discussion with President of ICCL, Ms. Alina Adomaityte & Hon’ President of ICCL, Mr. Rajinder Kumar Chaudhary and other noted Lithuanian business delegates on breaking barriers for enhanced trade and business opportunities. A rather useful conversation. This could only further cement the growing bilateral trade between the two nations which rose by 25% to reach 335 million USD. Such high-level visits certainly guarantee further ease in doing business. With lucrative financial incentives across a wide range of sectors including funding for employees’ training and qualification, if there might ever be a perfect time, this might just be it. Choose smart. Invest in Lithuania.

Left to right:

  1.  Mr. Andrius Nikitinas (CEO of the Lithuanian Business Confederation)
  2. Mr. Vidmantas JANULEVICIUS (Vice President of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists)
  3. H. E. Tsewang Namgyal (Hon’ ambassador of India to Poland and Lithuania)
  4. Ms. Alina Adomaityte (President of ICCL)
  5. Mr. Rajinder Kumar Chaudhary (Honorary Consul of India) & (Hon’ President of ICCL)
  6. Mr. Shabu George (Attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of India)

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