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Project Description

MB ​„​IT vitaminas​“
Tauro st. 12, Vilnius
LT-01114, Lithuania
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About SEO
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method, allowing to change the website positions in “Google” search results. This, in its turn, increases the traffic and the internet channel sales for the company owning the website.

What helps your SEO?
It should be noted that constant work is needed in order to rise and remain at a high “Google”search position:
1. Website content should interest potential client segments. Firstly, the texts should discuss problems, which are common and interesting for the website visitor segment, and after that, the texts should become “a hero” and offer a solution for the current problems. It is worth noticing that the artificial intelligence used by “Google” is perfectly good at recognizing Lithuanian or any other language, that is why the content should be of high quality and interesting;

2. The website’s content should be constantly updated. You need to write at least one web blog entry, which is interesting to the client, per month. “Google” evaluates it highly, since the website is alive and provides the client with interesting and needed information;

3. One should constantly increase the flow of website visitors and try hard so that the visitors would stay for as long as possible at his website. It is important that the website’s “bounce rate” would be low, since “Google” specifically assesses the behavior of clients on the website;

4. One should always surf the internet – create back links from at forums, portals with “good” reputation, announcement portals, etc.

TOP search position
Each “Google” search inquiry is VERY personalized, that is why “Google” is warning that there is no SEO specialist or SEO agency that could guarantee such a TOP position, since:

1. Ratings are always changing. Due to constantly updated “Google” website and web page rating algorithm, the position on a single day can be different compared to the position of last week;

2. The search is very personalized. Search results depend not only from working with SEO but also from the whole search history, which “Google” has collected about the searching.

You can find more information on this topic in the Google knowledge base in English language.
Here is the link:

Internal SEO:
Website optimization according to “Google” requirements. All works are executed inside the website: webpages texts are put to order, pictures, internal meta records are being written, website updates, allowing better optimization in “Google” search, are uploaded.

​Service execution scenario:
1. Choosing a proper keywords and possibly a couple of supporting keywords according to the optimized website theme. Harmonizing keyword usage with the client;

2. Creating the website tree by popular keywords;

3. Writing and editing text according to the website theme. Chosen keywords are used. It is important to notice that the texts should be interesting to the potential purchaser/client, they should promote contacting you and ordering your products. Harmonizing text with the client;

4. Web Pages heading management, so that it would correspond with the keyword (“Heading 1”) and supporting keywords (“Heading 2”);

5. Redirect 301: redirecting the web link (“url”) from the old analogous webpages to the new one. This is done in order to find analogous web pages according to old web links on the new page, and ordering Google to show the new webpage in search results;

6. Webpage’s “meta title” and “meta description” mark management, picture “alt” description filling and proper “url” creating. This helps “Google” to understand what the webpage is about, what keyword is specified and provide a small amount of information regarding the goods or services, which are presented on the webpage, to the persons surfing the web;

7. Writing down programming code changes and sending them to the programmers. It is important for the website to load fast and that there would be no unnecessary programming code CSS and JavaScript files;

8. After all pages were set in order, the technical works related to the website will be taken care of: sitemap.xml file, breadcrumber creation and filling.

External SEO (generating back links):
Working with keywords is associated with the topic of the website so that the website would be better known amongst target clients. This will help the website to rise to a higher level in search results and increase sales.
Service – Backlinks project preparation. Generating at least 5 backlinks on a monthly basis:
positioning on link portals, writing at least 1-2 SEO texts with backlinks and their positioning at a website and at least 3 posts to forums with backlinks to the webpages according to offered goods or service range.

About us

We are a team focused around an objective to improve Lithuanian small to medium business company income and profits with the help of the internet. We are providing website creation, Google website optimization (SEO) and electronic trade conversion improvement services since 2016. During this time we have generated more than 450 thousand Euro in income for our clients and our goal for 2024 is to generate over 1 billion Eur of additional income for our clients.