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Symbiotec Pharmalab (P) Limited

Symbiotec Pharmalab (P) Limited2020-01-31T11:04:00+02:00

Project Description

Symbiotec, an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) manufacturing company based at Indore in Central India, is in the business of development, production, and marketing of research-based Cortico Steroids and Steroid-Hormone APIs.

The company commenced its R&D and pilot-scale operations in 1995. It started its commercial scale in 2004 after the commissioning of its manufacturing facility at Rau. Symbiotec is manufacturing CorticoSteroids since the year 1995 and is a WHO-GMP, ISO 9000:2000, USFDA and EUGMP certified API Manufacturing company with a readiness to adapt to the continual changing technology and route of synthesis of the Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients industry. The Company with its strength in Quality Management System is geared up to meet all regulatory requirements/challenges either domestic or international market.

The Promoters entered into the pharmaceutical business through a proprietorship concern. The business of the proprietorship concern was taken over by the Symbiotec which was originally incorporated in the year 2002 as a Private Limited Company and was subsequently converted into Public Limited in the year 2005-06.

Further, during the year 2014-15, it has been again converted into a Private Limited Company.

The Company has established itself as a leading player in the Cortico – Steroid, and Steroid – Hormone segment in the field of production of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and has been able to develop a broad network in the domestic and in the international market. Symbiotec, is serving the Global Pharmaceutical Industry of Steroid APIs for around two decades, with distinction. Over the years, Symbiotec has been able to emerge as a preferred manufacturer for most of the MNC’s. This distinction has been achieved by its commitment to quality, efficiency, flexibility and cost competitiveness.

Symbiotec is a young company aspiring to be a global leader in its domain of Cortico – Steroid, and Steroid – Hormone. The Company is currently working towards creating its capability through its expansion and capacity enhancements to emerge as a leading player in the segment.

Symbiotec comprises of a dynamic team of 1100 employees engaged in the manufacture of Cortico-Steroid and Steroid- Hormones API. In Symbiotec problem solving, faster decision making and collaborative approach is the rule of the game. In its vision to emerge as a leading global player, the Company is currently in the process of enhancing its human resource pool to meet its future challenges.