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Jurate Litvinaite, Lithuania

Jurate Litvinaite, Lithuania

Ms. Jurate Litvinaite is the director of SC “Socionetas”.  She is an expert in education policy & content, also a Sociologist and a journalist.

Ms. Jurate Litvinaite has 15 years of experience in working with students and having pedagogical practice.

She is a Lecturer at Vilnius University specializing in Culture Anthropology, Empirical Research of Didactics.

She is also a member of expert group on education content renewal, member of General Education Board -Vice President. She is also a author and co-author of school books, teaching and learning aid for teachers and students.

She is a Consultant, lecturer, evaluator of project content for various state and regional educational projects, organized by Educational Development Centre, Ministry of Education, Science, and Sports, and public organisations.

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